Trust But Check

Who Just Called Me?


I get calls from unwanted people all the time and I’ve wanted to know a couple of things:

Who doesn’t get unwanted calls all the time? It’s infuriating when you sit down to a nice meal, you turn on your favorite show and right in the middle, the phone rings.

Isn’t it time we get back at these people? Google searching has only done so much, and it’s gotten quite old not knowing anything about who is calling. One thing I’ve found that works is Phone Detective.

I’ve been able to test it a couple of times with good results. If anyone else gives it a try, let me know how it has worked for you. I’m just tired of the interruptions, especially since I’m on the Do Not Call list!

I’m ready for things to change. I’m ready to start knowing who is calling me.

I know this is only my first post, but keep your eyes open for more. I have lots of plans for this site. I can’t wait to share them with you.